Trade secrets and intellectual property protection
Strictly ensure the project confidentiality is one of our business principles, equally important are our IP policies and measures. Our intellectual property protection measures for all our customers are as follows: All employees sign a confidentiality agreement; Provide staff training on the protection of confidential information and provide a secure file storage environment; Configure special name codes for customer names and related files Confidential content is only open to managers and leaders who need the content;
Pilot Workshop in Jiangsu
Located in Rugao Economic and Technological Development Zone  Fine Chemical Industry Park. Traffic is very convenient, extending  in all directions. We have 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 3000L reactor 14  sets, 1 500L distillation column, 2 sets of 2000L distillation column,  with chlorine use qualification, steam, very suitable for the  production of hundred kilograms to tons lot products. Industrial Park  has a unified sewage treatment plant, power plant and steam supply  system to ensure that the public system adequate and timely supply.
Laboratory & Kilo Lab in Jiangsu
Located in the beautiful scenery and convenient transportation in  Jiangsu Jinhu, we have laboratories, kilograms-class laboratories  and special laboratories, with 20L, 50L, 100L reaction, distillation of  more than 10 sets. We have a highly educated, experienced and  innovative team of talented people, hard-working, determined to  make progress. We have strong technical research and product  development capabilities in chlorination, bromination, esterification,  Grignard reaction and other organic synthesis field of technological  advantages.
Laboratory in Ningbo
Located in Ningbo High-tech Industrial Development Zone, major  staff graduated from Zhejiang University, our main business is APIs,  fine chemicals R&D and manufacturing. With advanced and  complete organic synthesis and analytical testing equipment, the  local government fund investment and strong support, our product  successfully approved and purchased by a number of domestic and  foreign listed companies.

Hundred Tons Production Platform