NINGBO INNO PHARMCHEM CO.,LTD. Has over 15 years experience in the R&D, manufacturing of APIs, fine chemicals, Pharmaceuticals intermediates and agrochemicals. Our Quality products and service are supplying to customers in over 60 countries.

Cloud means except we employ chemists in our laboratories, mostly we are using internet database, in which all chemists are specified by it’s past experienced
products, experienced structures and reaction types. Thus projects canbe allocate to the exact person immediately, delivery and success can be greatly improved.

All our Cloud Chemists should sign paper Non-disclosure agreement before receiving an actual project and the same will be informed to customer before project starts.

INNOPHARMCHEM is your idea Custom Development partner for your reference compounds, pharmaceutical intermediates, drug candidates, impurities,
metabolites and other small molecule chemicals. From milligram to kilogram in most fast and quality ways in our fixed and cloud laboratories in China.

All custom synthesis projects will be allocate to the most quality chemists who already have such reaction experience through our powerful cloud chemist
database, and can be supplied with weekly updates, final reports under strict confidentiality.

Experienced Reaction
Strong Products

Decyl(trimethoxy)silane CAS:5575-48-4

1,8-Dibromooctane CAS:4549-32-0

3-Amino-4-pyrazolecarbonitrile CAS:16617-46-2

1-Bromo-5-isopropoxy-2-methyl-4-nitrobenzene CAS:1202858-68-1

2,9-dibutyldecanedioic acid CAS:45266-20-4

3-[4-(Benzyloxy)Phenyl]Acrylic Acid CAS:6272-45-3

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