L-Alanine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride CAS:2491-20-5-custom synthesis contract manufacturing
L-Alanine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride CAS:2491-20-5
Structural Formula L-Alanine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride CAS:2491-20-5
Product Name methyl (2S)-2-aminopropanoate,hydrochloride
Synonym L-Ala methylester hydrochloride;(S)-2-Aminopropionic Acid Methyl Ester Hydrochloride;Methyl L-alaninate hydrochloride;(S)-Methyl 2-aminopropanoate hydrochloride
CAS No. 2491-20-5
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       Chemical Name: methyl (2S)-2-aminopropanoate,hydrochloride
       CAS.NO: 2491-20-5
       Molecular Formula:C4H10ClNO2
       Molecular Weight: 139.58100

       L-Alanine Methyl Ester Hydrochloride
       (S)-Methyl 2-aminopropanoate hydrochloride
       L-2-amino-propanoic acid methyl ester hydrochloride
       Methyl L-alaninate hydrochloride
       L-Ala methylester hydrochloride
       (S)-2-Aminopropionic Acid Methyl Ester Hydrochloride

       Physical and Chemical Properties:
       Boiling point: 101.5ºC at 760 mmHg
       Melting point: 109-111 °C(lit.)
       Flash point: /
       Refractive index: 6.5 ° (C=2, MeOH)

       Appearance: White powder
       Water insoluble,/:≤0.005%
       Sulfate (SO4)/:≤0.05%
       Chloride, :≤0.05%
       Lead (Pb), :≤0.002%

       Packing:25 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
       Storage:-20ºC. Keep the container tightly closed, put it in a tight dispenser, and store in a cool, dry place.
       Application:L-Alanine methyl ester is a derivative of L-Alanine. L-Alanine used to make in-vivo measurement of glucose and alanine metabolism in studies of patients with diabetes. L-Alanine is a non-essential amino acid for human development and is one of the 20 amino acids encoded by the genetic code.

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