2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate CAS:39156-41-7-custom synthesis contract manufacturing
2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate CAS:39156-41-7
Structural Formula 2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate CAS:39156-41-7
Product Name 2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate
Synonym 4-methoxybenzene-1,3-diamine,sulfuric acid;4-methoxybenzene-1,3-diamine,sulfuric acid;4-Methoxybenzene-1,3-diamine sulfate;1,3-Benzenediamine, 4-methoxy, sulfate
CAS No. 39156-41-7
Molecular Weight See details
Specifications Upon request
Packing Sea or Airworthy packing
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Chemical Name:2,4-Diaminoanisole sulfate
Synonyms:4-Methoxybenzene-1,3-diamine sulfate
1,3-Benzenediamine, 4-methoxy, sulfate
4-methoxybenzene-1,3-diamine,sulfuric acid;
Molecular Formula:C7H12N2O5S
Molecular Weight:236.24600
Physical and Chemical Properties:
Melting point:149-150oC;
Boiling point:189-192oC;
Flash point:164.6oC;
Appearance:Light gray crystalline powder
Loss on drying:≤0.5%
Fe content:≤100ppm
Packing:25 kg/drum, can also be packaged according to customer requirements
Storage:Store in a cool, ventilated place
Application:Hair dyes intermediate

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